Vice President Jejomar C. Binay today cited the possibility of the planned Quezon City-Central Business District (QC-CBD) being a model of mixed-use development in the whole country.

                  The Vice President, addressing the stakeholders involved in the QC-CBD during a forum said the project "could be a model for a well-planned, integrated and environmentally balanced, mixed use development."

                  Binay serves as the Chairman of the Urban Triangle Development Commission (Tri-Dev Commission), which is tasked to rationalize and speed up the development of the 252 hectares that constitute the east and north triangles and the Veterans Memorial area of Quezon City.

                  According to Binay, the planned development can only be achieved by taking a "wholistic approach to the entire area."

                  "It is easy to sell bits and pieces of the land and immediately earn revenues. Or you can develop your respective properties into office spaces or some

                  commercial development. But who will take care of the overall utilities system, sewerage and drainage, road improvements and others?," Binay told members of the forum that sought to present the project's Master Development Plan.

                  He also revealed that the Tri-Dev Commission is looking at the best approach that will move the project faster while also generating maximum benefits for both government and the stakeholders. He added that the Commission was "studying mechanisms that would  possibly consolidate all properties and integrate all development plans of the stakeholders", given the number of property owners in the area.

                  "We all need your cooperation and support to realize the potentials of this urban triangle. Inimbitahan po namin kayong lahat para maiprisinta sa inyo at mapag-usapan natin ang mga ideya at plano para sa lugar na ito," the Vice President said.

                  Binay also addressed the issues raised by the stakeholders such as government agencies.

                  "Ang problema po ninyo ay X+100 na iba pa. This is the reason why we need to view this at the wholistic level rather than address the issues one by one," the Vice President replied to one of the questions asked.

                  He furthered that there was a need to set a National Commission composed of experts from involved agencies like the Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Finance, and Department of Budget and Management, among others, that will serve as arbiter of the various issues raised before the project finally pushes through.

                  The Tri-Dev Commission has set aside a month to collate all the respective plans of the structures in the area.