The HUDCC Council has the following powers and functions:​

  • To formulate national objectives for housing and urban development ​​​and ​to design broad strategies for the accomplishment of these objectives;​
  • To determine the participation and coordinate the activities of the key government housing agencies in the national housing program;​
  • To monitor, review and evaluate the effective exercise by these agencies of their assigned functions;​
  • To assist in the maximum participation of the private sector in all aspects of housing and urban development;
  • To recommend new legislation and amendments to existing laws as may be necessary for the attainment of government’s objectives in housing;​
  • To formulate the basic policies, guidelines and implementing mechanisms for the disposal or development of acquired or existing assets of the key housing agencies which are not required for the accomplishment of their basic mandates; and
  • To exercise or perform such other powers and functions as may be deemed necessary, proper or incidental to the attainment of its purpose and objectives.