The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) was created by then President Corazon C. Aquino by virtue of Executive Order No. 90 dated 17 December 1986.  The EO, which also abolished the Ministry of Human Settlements, placed HUDCC under the direct supervision of the Office of the President to serve as the highest policy making body for housing and coordinate the activities of the key housing agencies to ensure the accomplishment of the Government Shelter Program.

            On 25 May 1989 and May 28, 2001 , Executive Order No. 357 and Executive Order No. 20 were issued respectively, to strengthen HUDCC into department level organization by conferring it with the power to exercise overall administrative supervision over the key housing agencies; set and ensure the attainment of targets and objectives for the housing sector; review the organization, programs and projects of the key housing agencies; decentralize its operations and enlist the assistance of the Department of Budget and Management in securing continuing funding support to the National Shelter program.

            In 1992, the Urban Development and Housing Act (RA 7279) mandated the HUDCC to direct the formulation of a National Urban Development and Housing Framework in coordination with the Local Government Units and other public and private sector agencies; design of a system for the registration qualified socialized housing beneficiaries and inventory of land suitable for socialized housing; and provide, through its attached housing agencies,  the LGUs with support for the preparation of town and land use plans, data for forward planning and investment programming, and assistance in obtaining funds and other resources for housing and urban development.

            From 1986 to present, there are several executive and legislative issuances including the three laws mentioned above, that provide or authorize HUDCC with specific functions and/or require it to undertake certain tasks related to housing and urban development. These legal and legislative fiats assigned duties and responsibilities to HUDCC that are related to its original mandate as the lead agency in housing and urban development.​