Vice President Jejomar C. Binay has ordered the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-IBIG to issue certificates validating that the properties being claimed by Globe Asiatique (GA) are now the properties of Pag-IBIG. Binay issued the order upon learning that some 200 condominium unit owners of the GA 2 Tower in Mandaluyong City received notices of cancellation of their contract and were being evicted. “I have asked Pag-IBIG to issue a certification to the victims upon validation that the properties being claimed by GA are, in fact, now owned by Pag-IBIG. I have also directed Pag-IBIG to assert its ownership over those properties,” Binay said. The Vice President, Chairman of the Housing and Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and Chairman of the Pag-IBIG Board of Trustees, said the victims can use that certification in their defense against GA’s move of evictions. “We are now working out an agreement with the individual victims and I assure them that they will not lose their homes if they deal with Pag-IBIG,” he added. The unit owners of the GA 2 Tower received notices of a cancellation of contract and of eviction from GA after they opted to discontinue payments when they found out from Pag-IBIG that their units had been sold twice. Moreover, the Vice President said he has directed the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) to broaden the scope of its Cease and and Desist Order (CDO) against the realty firm. “I asked Pag-IBIG to formally notify HLURB that those properties are now owned by them. This will pave way for a broader CDO to be issued by HLURB against GA,” he said. He added that the CDO will include prohibition against collection of amortizations and threats against cutting of utilities. Some unit owners have complained of unusually high utility rates, with one unit owner complaining that water bills were as high as 4,000 a month for a unit of five occupants. “They also charge percent daily penalty. If you contest it and don't pay, they will disconnect the utiliites,” the unit owner added. The housing czar also assured the victims that the National Bureau of Investigation will assist them if they wish to file charges against GA owner Delfin Lee and other GA officers. The GA owner has a standing warrant of arrest issued against him by judge in Pampanga for syndicated estafa in connection to GA’s Xevera housing project in Mabalacat. Lee’s son, Dexter, and three other GA officers were also ordered arrested. Lee has reportedly left the country to evade arrest. Binay earlier said that he would ask for the cancellation of Lee’s passport if reports that he had left the country were confirmed. In 2010, an investigation made by Pag-IBIG ordered by Binay revealed  that GA used "ghost borrowers" and fake documents to obtain over P6.5 billion in loans from the Pag-IBIG for its Xevera housing project. Pag-IBIG and the Department of Justice subsequently filed syndicated estafa charges against Lee.